• Rocker Arm Sub Assy.-Injector
  • Rocker Arm Sub Assy.-Exhaust
  • Rocker Arm Assembly-Injector
  • Rocker Arm Assembly-Exhaust
  • Oil Separator Assembly
  • Counter Weight LB Front
  • Trip Pawl Bracket Assembly
  • Air Inlet duct assembly
  • Exhaust Valve Bridge Assembly
  • Protection Plate Assembly
  • Adjusting Screw
  • Spring Button
  • Roller Assembly
  • Pin Cam Follower
  • Race Inner
  • Roller Cam Follower
  • Lash Adjuster Assembly.
  • B. Items developed for Fan manufacturers:

  • Spindle Pedestal Fan.
  • Spindle Celling fan.
  • G.Items developed for Hindalco Industries:

  • Bearing Protection Guards.
  • C. Items under development for Texmaco:

  • Machining of Traction Transom.
  • D.Items developed for MCF,Raibarelly.

  • Bolt for LHB Coaches.
  • Set of Control Arm.
  • Centering Disc.
  • E.Items developed for CLW,Chittranjan

  • Axle Holder.
  • Axle Box Assembly.
  • F.Items developed for BHEL, HERP, Varanasi

  • Machining of Cam Type.
  • Machining of Bearing Axle.
  • Cam Tube.
  • About Us

    Company Objective & History

  • Rocker Arm Sub Assy.-Injector
  • Rocker Arm Sub Assy.-Exhaust
  • Rocker Arm Assembly-Injector
  • Info

    Machinery & Plant

    Most of the manufacturing in our factory is being done on CNC Machines. We have following machines installed


    Key Man Power Detail

    Our objective of manufacturing high precision machining components will not be possible without a wellqualified and experienced team. Following is the list of key man-power:


    Quality Control & QA Strategy

  • The Company Kharaujha Engineering LLP is an ISO 9001-2008 compliant company.
  • Due process is followed to ensure quality. We have an independent QC deptt. With an Engineer in charge, answerable only to the Partners.
  • Info


  • Our unit KHARAUJHA ENGINEERING LLP is a MSME unit promoted by two technical entrepreneurs.
  • It has commenced production in the year 2015.
  • Situated in Varanasi, an industrially backward region, it has endeavored to bring technically superior process of manufacturing through CNC technology.
  • Info

    B.Tech (Electronics),2007, M.S. in Bio.Med, USA, 2010.

    Vishal Kumar Singh


    B.Tech (Mech.Engg.), NIT, Kurukshetra, 1977.

    Arun kumar singh