Machinery & Plant Page

    MACHINERY AND PLANT: Installed in 2015

  • CNC- VMC 450x900x500, 3-axis BFW BMV45TC24+
  • Milling machine with DRO Table:1630x355mm BFW HF-3.5
  • Radial Drill Machine 60mm dia(Steel) Batliboi BR-615
  • Pillar Drill Machine 32mm Batliboi SDM-32G

    MACHINERY AND PLANT: Installed in 2016-17

  • CNC- Turning Center 300 diax300 lnth.t. BFW BTC-1530+
  • CNC- Turning Center 300diax3 00lnth. BFW BTC-1530
  • CNC- Turning Center 300 diax300 lntht. BFW BTC-1530
  • CNC-VMC, 3-axis Stroke:450x900x500 BFW V-4
  • Band saw cutting machine max. 200mm dia bar Lax.Kadva&Sons LK-1 HS
  • Drill cum tapping Machine max. 20 mm dia capacity ITCO, Jalandher 1 no.
  • Bench drill machines 12mm dia Ludhiana make 4 nos.
  • Pedestal & Hand grinders
  • Hydraulic press 20 mt. Batala Hand op.
  • Lathe Machine 6ft. Hvy. Duty, all geared Balaji lathe, Rajkot
  • Centerless Grinder 2-100 mm dia. Cap. Om Int'l mac. OMCG-100


  • Angle head VMC attachment Imp. Italy Can convert 3-axis VMC to 4-axis
  • Crown Grinding attachment Lathe attachment Kanpur Internal/external grinding on Lathe
  • Mig and Arch welding m/c welding
  • Air Compressor 220 ltrs.Elgi TS-05 120HN,
  • Servo voltage stablizer 100 kva Sri Sai Engineers 100 kva
  • Electric Tranformer 100 kva Sri Sai Engineers 100 kva
  • Marking M/C 'Impact P' 1 KVA GM Machine Tools, Faridabad
  • Contour Measuring Inst. CV-2100, Series-218 Mitutoyo
  • Surface Roughness Tester 178-923E, SJ-210 series Mitutoyo
  • Drum Polish Barrel Zohal Engg. Solutions Mumbai
  • DG Set 62.5 kva Sterling&Wilson SGT62.5PR