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Booking of Surya Niwesh Opens, with good response. For details Click Here




Coming Soon: A new housing project on Rathyatra Mamoorganj road, details to be announced soon. To contact us please Click Here


Current Projects

Surya Villa IV

 Surya Villa Located in the Khanna Villa Area of  Mamoorganj has all ready 3 Blocks, consisting of 60 flats, which are among the best located and most popular flats in Varanasi. The Proposed Project will consist of 20 more flats in the same complex as the Fourth Block.


Surya Niwesh

  is the latest offering of the ‘SURYA GROUP’. In a string of group housing projects executed by our company in Varanasi – this project is the eleventh. Due to certain salient features – this is going to be one of our best projects.



Shepa is an educational institute running several management courses. It has now become very successful and needs several buildings like library, computer lab, administrative blocks, auditorium; staff quarters all to be made in a very short time span. We have undertaken this project on contractual basis and hope to complete them on time.


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Completed Projects

     ■ Surya Complex - I (1995)
     ■ Surya Complex - II (1996)
     ■ Surya Vihar (1998)
     ■ Surya Mension (1998)
     ■ Surya Vishal (2000)
     ■ Surya Enclave (2004)
     ■ Shree Dham (2005)
     ■ Surya Villa I,II,II (2006)
     ■ Surya Green (2008)

     ■ Surya Gurgram (2008)

Surya complex – I & II

Surya Complex-1 This was the first apartment cum commercial project of the company -



Surya Villa I, II & III

Surya VillaThis apartment complex comprising 60 residential flats in three blocks is located in Mahmoorganj.


Surya Gurugram

A group housing colony and commercial complex located across the DLW


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