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Floor and Flat Plans


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Floor Plan

Typical Floor Plan

Basement and Landscape Plan

Flat Plan for Type 1, 2 and 3

Type 1 - Flat Plan

Type 2 - Flat Plan

Type 3 - Flat Plan

Flat Plan for Type 4, 5  and 6

Type 4 - Flat Plan

Type 5 - Flat Plan

Type 6 - Flat Plan

Flat Plan for Type 7, 8 and 9

Type 7 - Flat Plan

Type 8 - Flat Plan

Type 9 - Flat Plan

Surya Niwesh

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Terms and Conditions  

Any Central/State Government sponsored Act or Legislation affecting the tax and levy, shall have to be borne by the applicant over and above the cost of the house and the existing burden thereon.

● No. interest/penalty claimed by applicant at any stage be entertained by the company.

● In case of cancellation of booking, the amount to be refunded will be calculated after deducting cancellation charge of 5000/-. The claim for withdrawal or cancellation of booking, will be entertained only after expiry of 120 days of the notice of withdrawal.

● The allottees will have to bear the maintenance charges for the general services like water supply, sewerage, security etc. . Such facilities will, however, be ensured by the Management Committee constituted by the company.

● The choice of allotment shall be strictly on first-come-first-served basis; and no complaints/claims on such scores shall ever be entertained by the Company.

● All allotments made by the Company, will be binding on the allottees and no grievance/claim/complaint shall ever be entertained by the Company.

● The registration charge shall have to be borne by the allottees themselves. Any extra charge / charges not herein incorporated and coming into vogue at subsequent dates in the shape of charges for external and/or peripherals services declared by the State or Central Government or by Local Authorities, shall become payable on pro-rata basis by the applicants as and when demanded.

●The time of payment of installments, as stipulated by the company, is the essence of contractual obligation between the allotees and the Company, which will leave upon the allottee as compulsion to ashere to the schedule of payment in compliance of the terms and conditions of the contract as a whole.

● Any legal matter will fall within the jurisdiction of courts at Varanasi alone in the event of any disputes or confusion between the allottees and the Company.

●The Company may entertain extra work desired by the allottees at its own discretion, subject to additional payment by the allottee in advance as fixed by the company.

●The Company reserves the right of allocation or change in design layout and built up area of minor nature at its own discretion.

●Govt. Charges for electrical connection, water and sewer etc. to be borne by the owners.

● All the allottees will have to abide by the terms and conditions fixed from time to time by the company or association of flat/accommodation owner. In acceptance of the cost, payment schedule, cost escalation formula, specification and terms and conditions for allotment. I tender my signature as hereunder. Service Tax (if applicable) will be charged extra.



‘SURYA NIWESH’ is the latest offering of the ‘SURYA GROUP’. In a string of group housing projects executed by our company in Varanasi – this project is the eleventh. Due to certain salient features – this is going to be one of our best projects. Spread on a land area of more then 30000 sft. the plinth of the building will cover only around 11000 sft. (35%). The rest of the area will remain open – creating an environment of openness and greenery. The project site has road on both front and rear side. The frontage of the land is more then190 ft. and rear side is open upto 230 ft.



‘SURYA NIWESH’ is Located in the Bari Gaibi area which is almost the centre point of Rathyatra, Mahmoorganj, Bhelupur and Kamchha. The site (36/1, 36/2, Mauza – Jolha, Bari Gaibi, ward Nagwa, Varanasi) is only 1 Km. from the Radio Station at Mahmoorganj.



Terms and Condition

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