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�SURYA GURUGRAM� is the latest project complete by the �SURYA GROUP�. It is a multi-storied residential complex, that was completed in May 2009.

Floor Plan

Block A Floor Plan:

Block B Floor Plan:




�SURYA GURUGRAM� is Located in the Bihikaripur Area, near D.L.W. , Varanasi.



Terms and Condition


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The Structure will consist of reinforced concrete structure and RCC roof. Structure will be designed for Earth Quake Consideration.

Flooring will be all in Ceramic Tiles.

The Door Chaukhat will consist of Sal. Wood or equivalent with good quality waterproof flush doors.

The windows will be of Wooden frame and shutters with glass glazing.

One toilet will be of Indian pan type and other of Western type. The toilet will have 5 feet da-do of ceramic tiles and flooring of Ceramic / Tiles. All plumbing will be of Chrome plated ISI mark fitting with 7 years guarantee and wares in vitreous white ceramic.

Kitchen flooring will be of Ceramic tiles and slab will consist of Marble with 2 feet da-do of white ceramic tiles. One loft slab in the kitchen will be provided. Kitchen sink will be of Stainless steel.

All Electrical wiring will be concealed fire resistant copper wires with suitable light and fan connection. One bed Room, two toilets and Kitchen will have a 15 amp point each. Each flat will be equipped with MCB installation.

The internal walls will be painted with good quality OBD in two coats. The external walls and common area will be done in Semi permanent finish. The door, window, grill etc. will be painted in suitable double coat enamel paint.

Note: Any change in the specification desired by the flat owners may be done if approved by the builder. The extra cost involved will have to be paid by the flat owners in advance.


Parking Area:
Covered parking is available in the basement floor on payment basis.

Round the clock security will be provided at the entrance where a guardroom will be constructed.

Water Supply:
Our own tube well and O/H tanks will assure 24 hours water supply.

Generator and Inverter:
Approx. 500 watts of power will be provided to each flat for its own  Diesel generator.

A 6-passenger lift will be installed which will also be powered by generator.

A TV antenna point will be provided to each flat with one master antenna, which will be fed by a local Cable Operator. However the security and regular payment to the Cable Operator will have to be ensured by the flat owners..

Note: All the common facility will be provided by the company but its regular maintenance will be done by the flat owners through a society / association to meet the regular maintenance cost. However, till such association comes into existence the company will maintain the facilities and the flat owners will be bound to pay the maintenance charges.

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