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Every single project undertaken by The Kharaujha Builders bears the Stamp of Quality. We not only make buildings that have great aesthetic appeal, but also take great efforts to ensure they are safe and sturdy. We have always strived for excellence in all out projects and our main emphasis has always been in building transparent and open relationship with not only our customers but the entire stake – holders. That is why we firmly believe that we are not just constructing a house, we are constructing someone's HOME.


Our projects fall into three broad categories:


        ■ Buildership Projects

The company has till date promoted 13 Multi-storied Complexes/group housing projects of which 11 have been completed and two are in  different stages of completion.

        ■ Contractual Projects

We take up very few contractual jobs. Only such projects which are highly technical and challenging in nature are taken up by us. 

        ■ Consultancy Projects

In several cases we have not taken the contractual or builder ship root but have only provided technical know – how done the man power planning and provided legal/technical support.


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